The Improvement Scholars Program is a faculty development program. The relationship between IHQI and Improvement Scholar teams is intentionally close. The goal of the Improvement Scholars Program is to develop faculty to lead robust clinical improvement and, ultimately, mentor others to improve care and outcomes.

The Improvement Scholars Program is an experiential program that incorporates many aspects of quality improvement, including Teamwork (TeamSTEPPSTM), Partnering with Patients and Families, and Presenting and Publishing Improvement Results. IHQI provides training, mentorship and guidance as well as half-time support of an improvement project manager for one fiscal year. Project leads, the project manager and other designated team members will meet with IHQI monthly, except when meeting as an entire cohort (quarterly).

Over the course of the year, Improvement Scholars gain experience:

  • Designing, planning and implementing clinical improvement
  • Running Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles
  • Building and leading an improvement project team
  • Submitting an application to the Institutional Review Board
  • Communicating progress and results of your improvement project
  • Preparing for sustainment

Learn more about Improvement Scholars Roles and Responsibilities and How to Apply.

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Project information is provided below for each cohort of Improvement Scholars. Presentation slides from our annual Improvement Scholars Symposium are included with each project. You can also view poster presentations, which were incorporated into the annual symposium beginning in 2018.