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As the Medical Director of Clinical Optimization for the UNC Healthcare System (HCS), Dr. Haugan chairs the System Sepsis Program, with the goal of improving sepsis mortality outcomes across the UNC HCS.  She served as the Physician co-lead for the System Emergency Services Specialty Program until 2024, supporting the UNC HCS Emergency Departments (EDs) that collectively care for over 500,000 patients annually.  In this role, she led many ED Care Redesign initiatives, and additionally supported the operational and clinical needs of ED leaders from all UNC entities.

Dr. Haugan served as the Medical Director of Quality and Performance Improvement at UNC REX Healthcare from Dec 2015 through Sept 2019. In this role, she was involved with many hospital-wide quality and performance improvement initiatives.  She was charged with developing strategy and leading efforts toward Mortality Index Reduction for UNC REX.  Her mortality work was the basis of her 2017 selection as an Improvement Scholars Program Fellow by the Institute of Healthcare Quality Improvement (IHQI).

Dr. Haugan has served as teaching faculty for the Clinician Leadership in Quality and Safety (CLQS) program since 2021 and has served as a mentor since 2018.