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  • UNC Institute for Healthcare Quality Improvement’s annual Improvement Scholars and Fellows Symposium will feature clinician-led improvement initiatives presented in-person and virtually at 2:30-5pm EST on Tuesday, September 20th. The Improvement Scholars program and IHQI fellowship program promote the development of experience and expertise in health care improvement among clinician leaders at UNC Health. The programs aim to improve … Continued

  • Grand Rounds – Dr. Steve Pantilat

    Dr. Steve Pantilat is an internationally-recognized expert in Palliative Care and Board Chair for the Palliative Care Quality Collaborative, a national organization dedicated to improving the quality of care for seriously ill people and their families. “When we or our loved ones become seriously ill, many of us don’t know where to turn, the questions … Continued

  • Sarah Ro

    Former IHQI Improvement Scholar, Dr. Sarah Ro, Discusses Complexity of Treating Obesity in Medscape Article

    IHQI Improvement Scholar, Dr. Sarah Ro and her colleague Dr. Jennifer McCauley, recently published the article, “Battling Obesity by Breaking Down Barriers” in the online magazine Medscape. In the article they discuss the challenges faced by patients with obesity and how diet and exercise often is not enough to support effective weight loss. Over the … Continued