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Dylane Davis is a fourth-year medical student originally from Los Angeles, by way of Fayetteville, North Carolina. Prior to medical school Dylane was first introduced to Quality improvement when she spent a year in Malawi, prior to medical school, working in an STI clinic on a HIV partner notification project focused on improving acute HIV testing. She recently returned to Malawi as a medical student to after complete a NIH Global Health Fogarty Fellowship where she participated in clinical outcomes within the surgical department. During her research year she developed a strong interest in Urology, and decided to pursue Urology as a career. She hopes to continue to strengthen her research background with quality improvement to further improve health access, and health equity on both a macro- and micro-scale. This year as a Clinician Leadership Quality and Safety Scholar, she is working with Dr. Ray Tan, to streamline accessibility and scheduling times for prostate cancer biopsies.

CLQS Project

Improving Patient Scheduling for Prostate Biopsies


Ray Tan, MD, MSHPM, Director of Urologic Oncology, the Urologic Oncology Fellowship Program Director, and an Associate Professor of Urology