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Melina Smith is a fourth-year medical student pursuing internal medicine with an interest in geriatrics and oncology. She previously completed a quality improvement project to increase breast cancer screening among Latinx patients in primary care, which she presented at a national family medicine conference. Melina is now working with Dr. Andrew De La Paz, Cardiology Fellow, and Dr. Maureen Dale, Assistant Professor of Geriatrics, to reduce falls on the inpatient cardiology service by implementing a checklist that allows physicians to assess patients’ fall risk and apply strategies for fall prevention at the time of admission.

CLQS Project

Fall Prevention on the Cardiology Service: ​Increasing Physician Involvement to Decrease Falls


Andrew De la Paz, MD, Cardiovascular Disease Fellow, Division of Cardiology

Maureen Dale, MD, Assistant Professor of Geriatric Medicine, Director for Education and Clinical Care, Geriatric Fellowship Program