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The Institute for Trauma Recovery is a multidisciplinary, multi-departmental team working together toward the goal of advancing understanding of the processes mediating recovery after trauma and to developing interventions that promote rapid recovery and prevent chronic symptom development. We gratefully thank the individuals who have selflessly donated funds to further our research endeavors.

We graciously accept gifts through the AURORA Study and Research Fund (supporting Dr. Samuel McLean’s research through our Psychiatry division) and Anesthesiology Pain Research Fund (supporting Dr. Matt Mauck and Dr. Sarah Linnstaedt’s research through our Anesthesiology division).

Donations to these funds are directed to research efforts to advance recovery after exposure to traumatic stress within the UNC Institute for Trauma Recovery.

If you need assistance in determining which fund best aligns with your goals or have any questions about giving to the UNC Institute for Trauma Recovery, we invite you to email  directly.