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Area of Research

Biochemistry and Biophysics

Professor Adhesion mechanisms of platelets and neutrophils
Sharon Campbell, PhD
Professor Regulator molecules in cell growth control and cell adhesion
Saskia Neher, PhD
Assoc Professor Maturation and regulation of human lipases


Professor Angiogenesis, blood vessel formation
Frank Conlon, PhD Professor Heart development

Biomedical Engineering

Professor Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging, Molecular Imaging
Professor Elastographic Ultrasound Imaging, Atherosclerosis
Michael Daniele, PhD
Assoc Professor Vascular tissue engineering
Jaqueline Cole, PhD
Assoc Professor Bone vascular development and maintenance
William Polacheck, PhD
Asst Professor Bioengineered models of the vasculature, Notch signaling
Ke Chang, PhD Professor Regenerative medicine

Cell Biology and Physiology

Professor Renal Vascular and Nephron Function
Assoc Professor Adrenomedulin in Placenta and Lymphatic Circulation
Lori O’Brien, PhD
Asst Professor Kidney vascular development
Jimena Giudice, PhD
Asst Professor RNA splicing in heart and skeletal muscle
Michael Bressan, PhD Asst Professor Cardiac conduction system development
Robert Wirka, MD Asst Professor Genetics of coronary artery disease


Kari North, PhD Professor Cardiovascular epidemiology


Professor Human genetics of type-2 diabetes and obesity


Assoc Professor Cardiovascular modeling and simulation


Professor Inflammatory and innate immune processes
Professor Nephrology, renal pathology, autoimmune vasculitis
Professor Tissue factor in inflammation and vascular disease
Professor Cardiology, thrombosis, atherosclerosis
John Ikonomidis, MD/PhD
Professor Vascular biology
Brian Jensen, MD
Assoc Professor Heart failure, adrenergic receptor biology
Edward Bahnson, PhD
Asst Professor Vessel wall biology, redox regulation of atherosclerosis


Assoc Professor Vascular Imaging

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Professor Cardiomyocyte signaling, hypertension, metabolism
Professor Vascular biology, hypertension, epigenetics
Silvio Antoniak, PhD Assist Professor Protease activated receptors
Professor Thrombosis and hemostasis
Li Qian, PhD Assoc Professor Cardiac reprogramming, epigenetics
Matthew Flick, PhD
Assoc Professor Coagulation factors in disease
Jiandong Liu, PhD
Assoc Professor Cardiac development, trabeculation

Pharmaceutical Science (School of Pharmacy)

Professor Cyp450 mediated eicosanoid metabolism and atherosclerosis
David Lawrence, PhD
Professor Light-activated drug delivery
Juliane Nguyen
Assoc Professor Development of drug carriers for cardiovascular disease


Maria Aleman, PhD Assist Prof Erythropoiesis and iron metabolism
Daniel Dominguez, PhD Assist Prof RNA binding proteins
Jonathon Schisler, PhD Assist Prof Cardiovascular genomics, metabolism, and protein quality control

Secondary mentors only (UNC)

Nobuyo Maeda, PhD Professor Genetically modified mouse models of CV disease
Nigel Key, MD
Professor Thrombosis and Hemostasis, Gene Therapy
Rick Stouffer, MD
Professor Vascular disease, Vascular interventions
Anil Gehi, MD
Professor Clinical electrophysiology
Joe Rossi, MD
Professor Interventional cardiology
John Vavalle, MD
Professor Interventional cardiology
Amir Aghajanian, MD/PhD
Assistant Prof General cardiology
Mirnela Byku, MD
Professor General cardiology, Heart failure

Secondary mentors only (Outside Institutions)

Professor Cardiac Hypertrophy, Signal Transduction
Christopher Kontos, MD (Duke) Professor Human genetics of cardiovascular abnormalities
Anthony Viera, MD (Duke) Professor Hypertension
Francis Miller, MD/PhD (Wake Forest) Professor Vessel wall biology