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Welcome to the UNC Division of Cardiology! We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and our patients come from all 100 counties in North Carolina as well as Virginia and South Carolina. We have outpatient clinics in 12 counties in North Carolina. We are also a major center for cardiovascular research at all levels including basic science discoveries, translational research and clinical trials.

Good outcomes, good communication and a high level of patient satisfaction are goals of all the care we provide.


Thank you for your interest in the Division of Cardiology at UNC! Our division has been an important part of UNC School of Medicine since its founding in 1952. The Division, in conjunction with UNC Physician's Network, operates clinics in 12 counties and provides cardiovascular services at 7 hospitals. The Division is based at the medical center in Chapel Hill where we provide a full spectrum of cardiovascular services including interventional cardiology, structural heart, electrophysiology, advanced heart failure and transplant, advanced cardiovascular imaging and all levels of inpatient care. The Division includes nationally and internationally known faculty who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad spectrum of cardiovascular disorders. The Division is also home to many world-renowned scientists and investigators who run research programs in all aspects of cardiovascular disease including basic science investigations, translational science and clinical research. .

Our Core Pillars

The Division of Cardiology is within the Department of Medicine, the largest department in the nation’s first public university. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and takes great pride in developing and outstanding physician leaders. Championing transformative research that advances medical practice, we strive to provide expert, compassionate care to all North Carolinians.

Training Research Patient Care

Advancing the cardiovascular health of the people of North Carolina.

Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to the values and principles expressed by the UNC School of Medicine’s "Statement on Equity and Inclusion."

Equity & Inclusion

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Your donations fund our discovery. Consider making a gift in support of research of diseases afflicting a friend, a loved one, or yourself. Today’s research becomes tomorrow’s cures.

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We deeply appreciate your support towards achieving our missions.