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Welcome to the UNC Division of Cardiology!
The Division of Cardiology is composed of nearly 50 faculty members and 30 fellows whose daily focus is to deliver the best possible care to the patients who come to our facilities. In collaboration with UNC PN, the Division delivers care at 8 hospitals (5 at which we are the only providers of cardiovascular care and 3 in which we are one provider of cardiovascular care) and at outpatient practices in 12 counties in North Carolina – Orange, Rockingham, Nash, Chatham, Cumberland, Roberson, Person, Lenoir, Wake, Lee, Caswell and Durham Counties. Each of our Division’s subspecialty clinical groups are recognized as leading programs in the state, region and nation including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, structural heart disease, advanced heart failure and transplant, and advanced cardiovascular imaging. The Division has specialty clinics in interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, structural heart disease, advanced heart failure and transplant, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, adult congenital heart disease, dysautonomia, cardiac amyloidosis, women’s heart disease, cardiovascular genetics, and cardio-oncology.

The Division of Cardiology has many research programs designed to gain new insights and knowledge about the biology, causes and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Division faculty are actively involved in clinical research and generate more than 200 publications per year in major journals. The Division has an active clinical trials program that is enrolling patients in numerous investigator-initiated and multicenter studies. There are many opportunities for collaboration at UNC and faculty in the Division of Cardiology work closely with faculty in the School of Global Public Health, School of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Biomedical Engineering as well as almost all departments in the School of Medicine.

The Division works closely with the McAllister Heart Institute (MHI) which is home to many talented investigators who study various aspects of cardiovascular disease.. MHI currently includes 41 laboratories divided into three major thematic areas: thrombosis and hemostasis, vascular biology, and cardiac injury and repair. The mission of MHI is ‘to provide a world class environment for basic, preclinical, and applied cardiovascular research. Discoveries made by our investigators may provide new diagnostic tools and therapies that can be used to advance the care of patients with diseases of the heart, blood, and circulation.’ In furtherance of this mission, MHI facilitates collaborations and sponsors a seminar series, an annual retreat, and a yearly symposium in cardiovascular science run jointly with the Integrative Vascular Biology (IVB) Training grant for graduate students. MHI provides a unique opportunity for basic scientists to interact with clinicians and these interactions often result in innovative research projects that provide benefits to patients now and in the future.

The Division of Cardiology has fellowship training programs in cardiovascular disease (3 year fellowship with 7 fellows/year), interventional cardiology (1 year fellowship with 3 fellows per year), electrophysiology (2 year fellowship with 1 fellow per year), advanced heart failure and transplant (1 year fellowship with 1 fellow per year), structural heart disease (1 year fellowship with 1 fellow per year) and advanced cardiovascular imaging (1 year fellowship with 1 fellow per year). The Division also has several fellows participating in cardiovascular research training and/or obtaining an MPH degree from the Gillings School of Public Health.


Rick Stouffer, MD 
Chief, Division of Cardiology