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The UNC Heart Valve Team will participate in an event for Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day. Valve Disease Day and WebMD will co-host this year’s Twitter chat on the impact of the pandemic on valve disease diagnosis and treatment. Join us on Tuesday, February 22 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET. In advance of, and at the beginning of the chat, let your followers know that you are participating in the Q&A.  Throughout the hour, we’ll post questions with a Q and the corresponding question number. When you share an answer, please use an A and the corresponding number (e.g. A1; A2; etc.). This is a chance to share expertise, statistics, facts, videos, graphics, and stories.


Remember to include #ValveDiseaseDay in your responses and follow the handle @ValveDiseaseDay to see the questions asked throughout the hour.

Valve Disease Day Twitter Chat Questions


Q1: What is heart valve disease?

Q2: What are the risk factors for heart valve disease?

Q3: How is heart valve disease diagnosed and treated?

Q4: How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted timely diagnosis and treatment for heart valve disease?

Q5: What are the major health equity issues related to heart valve disease and how has the pandemic exacerbated those issues?

Q6: How have peer-to-peer patient programs and other in-person support group resources changed during the pandemic?

Q7: Has post-treatment care of valve disease changed during the pandemic, and if so, how?

Q8: What are some top tips for how people can effectively advocate for themselves during this busy time, if they are concerned about new symptoms or delays with getting needed heart valve treatment?

Q9: What do you want patients dealing with valve disease to know?

Q10: Where can people look for reliable information and find support on heart valve disease? Lastly, we strongly encourage engaging with other chat participants!

Be sure to retweet and “like” Tweets you like, respond to others who post answers, and enter into conversations that develop within a chat. This will make the chat even more valuable.