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John A. Batsis, MD - Division of Geriatric Medicine

John A. Batsis, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Dr. John Batsis

Contact Information


5003 Old Clinic
CB # 7550
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


John A. Batsis, MD

Associate Professor of Medicine

Areas of Interest

Geriatric Medicine; Obesity; Health Promotion; Frailty.


I have dedicated my professional career to caring for older adults through clinical care, research and education. Having the privilege of helping older adults maximize their physical function and quality of life through patient-centered, compassionate care motivates me in my work every day. My role as a clinician-researcher allows me to apply scientific principles of inquiry to enhance clinical care for an older adult population. Through learning and discovery of knowledge, we can maximize healthy aging by enhancing goal-directed care and healthcare delivery for older adults.

My academic work focuses on three main aspects: (a) understanding the relationships between obesity and sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass, strength and/or function with aging) and important outcomes for older adults; (b) developing multicomponent interventions (diet and exercise) to improve physical function in older adults; (c) using novel technologies (telemedicine, remote monitoring, Internet-of-Things devices) and working collaboratively with trans-disciplinary scientists (engineers, computer scientists) to improve the health and well-being of older adults.

  • Undergraduate

    McGill University

  • Medical School

    University of Dublin, Trinity College

  • Residency

    Mayo Clinic Rochester

  • Fellowship

    Mayo Clinic Rochester

  • Certificate of Research in Clinical & Translation Sciences

    Mayo Graduate School of Medical Education