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Ulysses Toche, MD - Division of Geriatric Medicine

Ulysses Toche, MD

2022-2023 Geriatric Fellow

Ulysses Toche


Ulysses Toche, MD

2022-2023 Geriatric Fellow


Why did you choose this program?

The UNC Geriatric program is made of exemplary physicians who are not only excellent at what they do, but who also earnestly enjoy their work. The program is committed to high-quality care for older adults while also being wholly invested in raising up learners who will follow in this path. Many even become leaders in their various paths of interest. Those are the primary reasons why I chose this program.

What is your favorite thing about UNC Geriatrics and/or UNC?

My favorite thing about UNC Geriatrics is that the whole faculty functions as a family. All the members of the UNC Geriatric team interact with such love, consideration, and respect towards each other. I know as a fellow that this program will not only better me as a physician, but it will also contribute to my well-being.

What do you love about living in the Triangle?

The Triangle is a very family-oriented place. There is also great diversity of culture, the weather is warm most of the year, there is not heavy traffic, and there are many good restaurants