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Faculty in the Division of Hospital Medicine work through multiple Quality Improvement methods to improve the science of inpatient medicine, the systems and processes by which we provide that care, and increase quality and cost-effectiveness of that care.

Previous and current projects led by division faculty have had aims such as the following:

  • Improving efficiency by applying the Lean methodology and “one-piece flow” to the hospital admission and discharge processes
  • Evaluating outcomes of patients discharged from the Emergency Department after referral to Hospital Medicine for admission
  • Standardizing the care for patients with alcohol withdrawal and providing medications for the maintenance of sobriety on discharge
  • Using of individual patient care plans (ICPs) to improve outcomes and utilization for patients with frequent inpatient hospitalizations
  • Decreasing unnecessary use of telemetry monitoring and short-term blood pressure treatment
  • Reducing care variation in the evaluations of patients with low-risk chest pain and syncope

Research and QI Project Years