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Empiric Listeria monocytogenes Antibiotic Coverage for Febrile Infants

Stephens JR, Steiner M

Hemiconvulsion–Hemiplegia–Epilepsy Syndrome

Stephens JR, Sams C

Puff laddy: a 5-year-old-boy with forehead swelling

Cannon L, Zwemer E, Stephens JR

Discharge Interventions and Modifiable Risk Factors for Preventing Hospital Readmissions in Children with Medical Complexity

Stephens JR, Kimple KS, Steiner MJ, Berry JG

Things We Do For No Reason: Echocardiogram in Unselected Patients with Syncope

Madeira C, Craig M, Donohoe A, Stephens JR

Volunteerism Among Hospitalists and Non-Hospitalists at Academic and Community Medical Centers in North Carolina

Gilchrist M, Hobbs R, Liles EA

Clinical Outcomes of Metformin Use in Populations with Chronic Kidney Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, or Chronic Liver Disease: A Systematic Review

Crowley MJ, Diamantidis CJ, McDuffle JR, Cameron CB, Stanifer JW, Mock CK, Wang X, Tang S, Nagi A, Kosinski AS, Williams JW Jr.

Use of a Dual-Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test to Screen Children for Severe Plasmodium falciparum Malaria in a High-Transmission, Resource-Limited Setting

Boyce R, Reyes R, Matte M, Ntaro M, Mulogo E, Siedner M

Delirium in hospitalized patients: Risks and benefits of antipsychotics

Thom RP, Mock CK, Teslyar P

Transitions of Care: Improving the Quality of Discharge Summaries Completed By Internal Medicine Residents

Black M, Colford C

Standardized, Interdepartmental, Simulation-Based Central Line Insertion Course Closes an Educational Gap and Improves Intern Comfort with the Procedure

Grudziak J, Herndon B, Dancel RD, Arora H, Tignanelli CJ, Phillips MR, Crowner JR, True NA, Kiser AC, Brown RF, Goodell HP, Murty N, Meyers MO, Montgomery SP

Acute Pain Management in Hospitalized Children

Dancel R, Liles EA, Fiore D

Oyster-related tenosynovitis: a rare case of Mycobacterium szulgai in the immunocompromised

Baca-Atlas MH, Barzin AH

House staff–led interdisciplinary morbidity and mortality conference promotes systematic improvement

Tignanelli CJ, Embree GGR, Barzin AH