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Our Division has governance in place regarding requests for collaboration and research conducted within our clinic or recruitment from our patient population. Our Research Committee is responsible for development of policy and procedure.

Committee Chair: Tom Keyserling, MD, MPH

Committee Members: Tom Keyserling, MD, MPH, Timothy Ives, PharmD, and Christine Gladman, MD

Purpose/Charge: The purpose of this committee is to 1) review research project requests to be conducted in the Internal Medicine Clinic or requests to identify potential study participants through the use of our clinical databases and 2) monitor the progress of research projects enrolling participants from the Internal Medicine Clinic.

Contact Information: Tonya Kimrey at

Thank you for your interest in research at the UNC Internal Medicine Clinic. We believe that research is an important aspect of the mission of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. As you might expect, the Internal Medicine Clinic receives numerous requests to host research projects. We have a standard protocol for research requests. The process allows us to fully evaluate the merits of each proposal, to determine what clinical resources will be needed, and to determine how projects might affect clinical operations.

To begin the process, we ask that you complete the research project information form on the web, which will provide the Clinic Research Review Committee with basic information about the project. Researchers from outside the Division of General Internal Medicine will need to secure sponsorship from a faculty member within the Division and identify this individual on the research project form. We also ask that you send us the IRB approval letter, if available, and the IRB application. We encourage having the Research Committee review protocols early in the process, so IRB approval is not necessary to begin the review process. If your proposal is approved, you will need to provide the IRB information on the website before starting your project.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, we may require an administrative fee for research performed in our clinic. These funds are used to defray the administration costs of reviewing and assisting your team with implementing the research protocol. You should also know that we receive more requests than we can accommodate and priority is given to proposals submitted by faculty within our division.

If you have questions about the process, please email Tonya Kimrey (