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At a Glance

At the Global HIV Prevention and Treatment Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), we understand the importance of community, particularly, for individuals and families affected by HIV and AIDS. From the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1981, there have been advances in HIV prevention, care, and treatment. Presently, medical research has offered hope and has given HIV-positive individuals the opportunity to live fulfilling lives. Together, as a community, we can bring an end to HIV/AIDS. As part of the UNC School of Medicine, education is at the forefront of our clinical research approach. We work together with community & government agencies to provide education to those highly impacted and those at greater risk of exposure. Currently, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have included within our clinical research studies treatment and prevention for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.


The UNC Community Advisory Board (CAB) facilitates communication between the HIV-affected community and researchers of the Clinical Trials Unit (CTU). The CAB is composed of people affected by or living with HIV from the community. They volunteer their time to provide input to research staff regarding the selection and development of clinical trials undertaken at UNC. They work to educate the community about clinical trials and other HIV-related issues. The CAB and research staff share a common interest in balancing the needs of the HIV-affected community with the scientific goals of the CTU.

Community Partners

In addition to our community education and outreach efforts, we also appreciate our partnerships with numerous community organizations. Our partners assist us in tackling the challenges facing individuals and families impacted by HIV/AIDS, as well as research. Our community partners include, but are not limited to, surrounding health departments, clinics, & non-profit organizations.


Community Resources




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