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Our Mission Statement

The University of North Carolina Global HIV Prevention and Treatment Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) is dedicated to developing and conducting research of HIV prevention, HIV disease, HIV associated opportunistic infections, and complications of HIV therapy. The UNC CTU provides access to promising clinical trials to individuals living in and around North Carolina and at our partner sites outside the U.S.

Established and continuously funded since 1987, UNC is one of the most successful CTUs in the country, providing access to a variety of studies including investigations of antiretroviral therapies, cure and immune modulators, HIV-associated disease and treatment complications and viral co-infections. (View open studies)

The UNC CRS is committed to community outreach, continuing education and consultation for health care providers and providing training for other domestic and international HIV/AIDS research units. As we enter the fourth decade of the HIV epidemic, the UNC CRS remains committed to the prevention of HIV disease and the continuing search for effective and safe therapies for HIV infection.