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Dr. Batsis moderating the TOS/GSA joint symposium

At the Obesity Society’s recent Obesity Week in Dallas, TX, associate professor Dr. John Batsis presented research, moderated sessions, and was included as part of the Coffee with Professors Q&As.

Dr. Batsis chaired and moderated a joint symposium and on the four-step KAER framework. The steps include: Kickstart the conversation in primary care, Assess the individual, Evaluate treatment options, and Refer for community resources. He coordinated this session with the Gerontological Society of America. According to Dr. Batsis, this session was a major endeavor in advancing care for older adults with obesity.

Dr. Batsis (back row, 2nd from L) with colleagues at the annual Obesity Week meeting
Dr. Batsis (back row, 2nd from L) with colleagues

Also, Dr. Batsis chaired and moderated a session on sarcopenic obesity. In it, presenters outlined reasons why thinking beyond weight loss is important in obesity treatment. Specifically, they discussed the need to preserve muscle mass during weight loss.

During the Coffee with Professors session, he dealt with questions on tailoring obesity treatments to older adults. In addition, Dr. Batsis and some members of his research team presented several pieces of research in oral sessions.