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  • john-batsis

    Batsis Publishes Three Articles For Geriatric Medicine

    John Batsis, MD, associate professor of medicine in the division of geriatric medicine, has published the following papers: “Intensive nutrition counseling as part of a multi-component weight loss intervention improves diet quality and anthropometrics in older adults with obesity,” in Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. “Telemedicine in Long-Term Care Facilities During and Beyond COVID-19: Challenges Caused by … Continued

  • Dr. Lindsey Rosman, UNC Cardiology

    Recent Papers Published By the Division of Cardiology

    Following is a list of cardiology authors and their recently published papers: Lindsey Rosman, PhD, and Anil Gehi, MD, published “When Smartwatches Contribute to Health Anxiety in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation” in the Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal. Lindsey Rosman, PhD, and Anil Gehi, MD, also published “How to stay healthy and manage stress if you … Continued

  • Van Tilburg Publishes Disease Primer, “Pediatric Functional Abdominal Pain Disorders”

    Miranda Van Tilburg, PhD, associate professor of medicine in the division of gastroenterology and hepatology, published “Paediatric Functional Abdominal Pain Disorders” in Nature Reviews Disease Primers. Paediatric functional abdominal pain disorders, currently referred to as disorders of gut–brain interaction, comprise irritable bowel syndrome, functional dyspepsia, abdominal migraine and functional abdominal pain not otherwise specified, as … Continued

  • brian-kelley

    Cardiology Team Publishes Case For Loeffler Endocarditis

    Brian P. Kelley, MD, an internal medicine resident, Casey Gazda, MD, a fellow in cardiology, and Joseph A. Siyak, MD, assistant professor in cardiology, published “Loeffler Endocarditis as a Manifestation of Paraneoplastic Hypereosinophilia” in a recent issue of CASE, Cardiovascular Imaging Case. Eosinophilic myocarditis (EM) represents a rare spectrum of heart disease that remains mysterious … Continued

  • lunise-benjamin-congenital-heart-consult

    Care Across the Lifespan: Introducing an ‘Inpatient Cardiology Consult for Adult Congenital Heart Disease’

    The new ‘Inpatient Cardiology Consult for Adult Congenital Heart Disease’ will follow patients with congenital defects. UNC cardiologists ask that consults be made within 24 hours of admission. As medical care and treatments advance, babies and children with congenital heart defects (CHDs) are living longer and healthier lives, with most now living into adulthood. But … Continued

  • Doctors Provide Up-Close View of Pandemic in Area Hospitals, Guidance On Limiting Viral Spread

    Infectious disease experts David Wohl, MD, Cameron Wolfe, MBBS (Duke University Health), and Chris DeRienzo, MD, MPP (WakeMed), discuss what they’re seeing at area hospitals during the pandemic and ways to slow the surge in new coronavirus infections. See this 30-minute round-table Zoom discussion hosted by WRAL, featuring Wohl, professor of infectious diseases.

  • david-wohl-tarheel-of-the-month

    Wohl Named Tar Heel of the Month

    For his years of work studying infectious diseases and his role in helping North Carolina health professionals and residents respond to the pandemic, David Wohl, MD, is the News & Observer’s November Tar Heel of the Month, which honors people who have made significant contributions to North Carolina and the region.  Read the story in the News & Observer. … Continued

  • Wohl Honored With First Charles Van Der Horst Humanitarian Award

    The national AIDS Clinical Trials Group expanded its annual recognition program in 2020 with two new awards named for University of North Carolina faculty members who died in 2019: Charles van der Horst, MD, an infectious diseases physician and researcher, and Kevin Robertson, PhD, a professor of neurology and director of UNC’s AIDS Neurological Center. ACTG presented … Continued

  • Diabetes Awareness Month – Spotlighting the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

    Clinically, the division of endocrinology and metabolism provides outpatient care for patients with diabetes, obesity, bone disease, thyroid and parathyroid conditions, gender issues and other endocrine disorders at the UNCH Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic at Meadowmont.  Led by Dr. Josh Evron, our thyroid and endocrine tumor service line includes a weekly thyroid biopsy clinic at … Continued

  • Joe Eron, MD

    More COVID-19 Vaccine Options Could Aid Distribution Timeline, Especially in Rural Areas

    News of Oxford University and AstraZeneca‘s successful COVID-19 vaccine trial is inspiring increased optimism within the medical community. “We need billions of doses. And different vaccines have different upsides and downsides. Like the newest one we heard about yesterday, AstraZeneca. It’s easier to manufacture. So there (are) more doses that can be made, and probably at … Continued

  • shannon-carson

    ‘Excruciating:’ UNC Doctor, Nurse Describe Treating COVID-19 Patients On the Brink of Death

    Doctors and nurses at UNC Hospital are seeing an increase in patients suffering from pneumonia and other complications from COVID-19. “Once you start feeling that feeling that you cannot breathe, man there is nothing more real than that,” said Shannon Carson, MD, chief of the division of pulmonary and critical care medicine for UNC Health. … Continued

  • Third Major Coronavirus Vaccine Shown To Be Effective and Cheaper

    An Associated Press article reports the “drugmaker AstraZeneca said Monday that late-stage trials showed its coronavirus vaccine is highly effective, buoying the prospects of a relatively cheap, easy-to-store product that may become the vaccine of choice for the developing world.” Joe Eron, MD, chief of the division of infectious diseases, said that it is unclear … Continued

  • 2020-NFK-Kidney-Walk

    Carolina Kidney Team Ranks First in Donations for Kidney Disease at Annual Kidney Walk

    The UNC Kidney Center’s “Carolina Kidney Team” ranked first in North Carolina for fundraising, and second in the nation, after virtually completing the National Kidney Foundation’s Annual Kidney Walk on November 15. The team walked for current patients, former patients, their caretakers, and others impacted by kidney disease, calling attention to the prevention of kidney … Continued

  • diwali-photo

    Diwali, Celebrating the Festival of Lights

    “Pankaj and I love Diwali. It is the Festival of Lights when we spend some time with our family, decorating our house, putting up lights and having good food. To us, Diwali is a time of being grateful for our family, friends and all our blessings.”   Koyal Jain, MD, and Pankaj Jawa, MD Diwali is … Continued

  • David Weber, MD, MPH

    COVID-19 Vaccines Are Coming. How Will NC Roll Out Doses, and Will People Accept Them?

    From Governor Roy Cooper to infectious disease experts to ordinary residents, North Carolinians are thrilled by the prospects of two COVID-19 vaccines currently under trial with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. “None of us can predict how many people will actually want the vaccine given people’s concerns for a variety of reasons,” said David … Continued

  • hladik-roy-chaudhury-featured

    Hladik, Roy-Chaudhury Join NC General Assembly to Recognize “Living Donor Protection Act”

    Gerald Hladik, MD, and Prabir Roy-Chaudhury, MD, joined Rob Hayden, executive director of the North Carolina National Kidney Foundation (NCNFD), on Thursday, November 19, to recognize the burden of kidney disease in North Carolina and express appreciation to policymakers for supporting the “Living Donor Protection Act.” They were joined by kidney donors and kidney transplant … Continued

  • Anil Kishin Gehi, MD

    UNC Medical Center Launches New Therapy For Heart Failure in First For the Carolinas

    WRAL Tech Wire reports people dealing with heart failure and no longer adequately responding to medications have a new option to improve quality of life: Cardiaccontractility modulation, or CCM. The treatment is now available through UNC Medical Center, having been utilized recently for the first time in the Carolinas. “CCM therapy is a therapeutic option … Continued

  • Providers at Colon Cancer Hotspot Seek to Shrink the Screening Gap With At-Home Tests

    An NC Health News report says a health center in Hertford County that is screening patients who can’t afford routine colonoscopies with mail-in kits could make a big difference in Hertford County, which is part of a swath of North Carolina and Virginia Counties with some of the highest rates of colorectal cancer deaths in … Continued

  • shannon-carson

    New Approaches To Treating Seriously Ill COVID Patients May Persist Beyond the Pandemic

    An NC Health News report recognizes that as the number of COVID-19 cases climbs, hospitals across the state are feeling the strain of an influx of patients sickened by the lingering coronavirus. Shannon Carson, MD, chief of pulmonary medicine was interviewed about the use of ventilators and alternative treatment for patients with adult respiratory distress … Continued

  • CindyGay

    Moderna’s Initial Vaccine Results ‘More Than Hoped For,’ Says Gay

    Cindy Gay, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases, oversees the clinical trial of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine candidate at UNC-Chapel Hill. She says the high initial efficacy rate shown by the drug “was more than we were hoping for.” Listen to her interview with WRAL News.

  • gibson-with-child

    Gibson Receives H. Fleming Fuller Award

    Keisha Gibson, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine and pediatrics and vice chair of diversity and inclusion in the department of medicine, received the 2020 H. Fleming Fuller Award in a virtual ceremony Thursday, November 12. Benny Joyner, MD, MPH, was a co-honoree. The H. Fleming Fuller Award, which has been given annually since 1986, … Continued

  • smith-cohen

    Smith, Cohen Recognized in Clarivate’s 2020 list of Highly Cited Researchers

    Sidney Smith, MD, and Myron Cohen, MD, have been recognized in Clarivate’s 2020 list of Highly Cited Researchers™.  Altogether the list includes 20 UNC School of Medicine and 16 UNC Chapel Hill researchers who have demonstrated significant influence in their chosen field or fields through the publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last … Continued

  • Sartor, Sheikh Receive $2 Million Helmsley Grant for Translational Research in Crohn’s Disease

    Balfour Sartor, MD, and Shehzad Sheikh, MD, PhD, are co-principal investigators of a large grant from the Helmsley Charitable Trust to conduct translational research that will predict recurrence after surgery for Crohn’s disease. The Helmsley grant, “Genomic and Microbial Signatures Predict Post-Operative Disease Outcomes in Crohn’s Disease,” provides $2,334,750 over three years to enable researchers … Continued

  • Amy Mottl, MD, MPH, FASN

    Mottl Receives NIH R01 Grant to Study Impact of Diabetes on Patients with Glomerular Diseases

    Amy Mottl, MD, MPH, associate professor in the division of nephrology and hypertension, is receiving a five-year NIH Multi PI R01 grant award for “The Impact of Diabetes on Patients with Glomerular Disease: CureGN-Diabetes.” IgA nephropathy (IgAN), focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), minimal change disease (MCD), and membranous nephropathy (MN) are rare glomerular diseases that cause … Continued