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Welcome to the Chair’s Corner
Podcast Series: Talking About Treatments

There are many questions one might have when beginning a medication or treatment – especially when it is new on the market. In this series, Dr. Falk interviews UNC experts on a variety of therapies, many of which have been recently approved by the FDA.

Listeners can find out about some specific drugs like Galafold, or more broad topics like immunotherapy and biosimilars. Discussions will cover questions that people often ask related to treatment–side effects, effectiveness, and other issues.

The Chair’s Corner is an educational podcast hosted by Dr. Ron Falk, Department of Medicine Chair at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. We hope you’ll join Dr. Falk, a caring physician, world-renowned researcher and mentor of young physicians and scientists. He is passionate about helping patients and their caregivers have access to information that’s empowering and vital to managing their health conditions.

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