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The clickable links below navigate directly to outside media articles which featured Department of Medicine faculty throughout the month of June. 

UNC SOM researchers led by Jason Akulian, MD, are the first to use a fully implantable automatic effusion shunt with no external catheters or expensive drainage canisters to provide an innovative new option for patients who struggle with chronic fluid collection.

Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, conduced by Evan Dellon, MD, PhD:

  • A clinical trial showed eosinophil depletion with Benralizumab for eosinophilic esophagitis did not lead to symptom relief.
  • Data shows treating EoE patients 1 to 11 years old with Dupilumab is safe
  • An accompanying editorial was also published

Michael Yeung, MD, and Thelsa Weickert, MD, are leading a new partnership with UNC Project Malawi to improve cardiovascular health and patient care across the spectrum of disease prevention.

Jared Weiss, MD, spoke about the positive impact induction therapy can have on cancer patients.

Leigh F. Callahan, PhD, provided tips to elevate knee pain and increase function.

A selection committee member for the Mani L. Bhaumik Breakthrough of the Year Award, John Buse, MD, PhD, was featured in an article recognizing awardees and their work with GLP-1 drugs for obesity.

Peter Leone, MD, spoke about the rise of extreme syphilis symptoms with The Atlantic.

Shannon Carson, MD, explored the long-term outcomes after treatment of delirium during critical illness with antipsychotics.

Researchers from UNC Lineberger detailed the molecular pathway that impacts cancer progression and treatment response.

As Lyme disease continues to move south into North Carolina, Ross Boyce, MD, encourages providers test patients who present with typical symptoms.

C. Adrian Austin, MD, PhD, explored ways precision medicine can improve the care of older patients.

David Wohl, MD, spoke about trends in COVID-19 across the state during summer travel season.

Klara Klein, MD, PhD, was co-investigator of a trial showing semaglutide may potentially treat alcohol use disorder.

Janice Hwang, MD, MHS, details the relationship between weight loss drugs, like Ozempic, and the brain.

Millie Long, MD, MPH,  and Dr. Edward Barnes, MD, MPH, are now certified by the International Bowel Ultrasound (IBUS) Group for intestinal ultrasound in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

M. Bradley Drummond, MD, MHS, was highlighted in Healio for his research demonstrating COPD is more prevalentand more likely to occur in LGBTQ+ individuals compared to their heterosexual and/or cisgender counterparts.

Natalie Grover, MD, detailed how CAR T-Cell therapy helped save her patient.

John Batsis, MD, explained why GLP-1 drugs can be  risky for older adults.