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Cassi Frank, MMSc,PA-C

A Leasburg woman is grateful to be back on her feet after months of surgeries and rehabilitation.  While on a cross-country vacation, an unusual accident left her with a huge gash in her leg and swelling that wouldn’t go down. UNC’s hematology specialists determined blood clots were behind the swelling.

In a recent CBS-17 news report, Cassi Frank, MMSc, PA-C, with UNC’s Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic, said the case was very severe.

Blood clots affect as many as 900,000 people in the US every year, according to the CDC.

“It can be very serious very quickly,” said Frank, a physician assistant in the division of hematology.

“We really want people to recognize the signs and symptoms and to kind of think, ‘My leg is swollen; That’s an emergency similar to a heart attack or a stroke.”

Physicians can refer patients directly to UNC’s Deep Vein Thrombosis Walk-In Clinic rather than sending them to the ER.

Watch or read the CBS-17 news report.