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Joey Stromberg, MD | Department of Medicine

Joey Stromberg, MD

Joey Stromberg, MD


Originally from Buffalo, Joey attended Washington University in St. Louis where he majored in Environmental Science and Anthropology. He received the Outstanding Overall Achievement Award for the top undergraduate thesis in the Department. After graduation, he began a productive and successful career in writing, working as a science and health reporter for Smithsonian Magazine and Vox while freelancing for publications such as the Washington Post and Scientific American. His articles ranged from coverage of new scientific research and the science of daily life to features on topics such as a “body farm” in rural Texas, where researchers study how human remains decompose over time. Interested in a career transition, he left to become an EMT, worked in an ICU as a patient care assistant, and found his way to Boston University where he excelled as a medical student. Joey enjoys long-distance bicycle touring, playing with his dog Herschel, and watching the Buffalo Bills.

  • Undergraduate

    Washington University

  • Medical School

    Boston University