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James Faber, Ph.D.Congratulations to James Faber, Ph.D., Professor, Cell Biology and Physiology, for publishing papers, entitled “Collateral vessels have unique endothelial and smooth muscle cell phenotypes”, “Risk factors for acute ischemic stroke caused by anterior large vessel occlusion”, “Transient versus permanent MCA occlusion in mice genetically modified to have good versus poor collaterals”, “Genetic and lifestyle risk factors for MRI-defined brain infarcts in a population-based setting”, and “Cerebral collateral circulation: A review in the context of ischemic stroke and mechanical thrombectomy” in the journals IJMS, Stroke, Med One, Neurology, and World Neurosurgery, respectively.



Faber ArticlesDr. Faber’s papers are featured in the July 24, 2019 edition of IJMS, the April 9, 2019 edition of Stroke, the November 27, 2019 edition of Med One, the January 29, 2019 edition of Neurology, and the February, 2019 edition of World Neurosurgery and can be read online now: