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Jonathan Schisler, M.S., Ph.D.Congratulations to Jonathan Schisler, M.S., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, for publishing papers, titled “Comprehensive Multi-omics Analysis Reveals Mitochondrial Stress as a Central Biological Hub for Spaceflight Impact” and “Circulating miRNA Spaceflight Signature Reveals Targets for Countermeasure Development” in the journals Cell and Cell Reports, as co-author.

CellCell ReportsDr. Schisler’s papers are both featured on the covers of Volume 183, 25 November 2020, edition of Cell and Volume 33, 8 December 2020, edition of Cell Reports, using pictures from the International Space Station (ISS), taken by astronaut, Scott Kelly. The papers and related press can be read online now.

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