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Kathleen Caron, Ph.D.Congratulations to the Lab of Kathleen M. Caron, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Cell Biology & Physiology, for publishing a new, high-impact review article, titled “The Ebb and Flow of Cardiac Lymphatics: A Tidal Wave of New Discoveries”, in the APS Physiological Reviews.Physiological Reviews

Dr. Caron's APS Physiological Reviews





The work from the Caron Lab’s team was co-authored by graduate student, Natalie R. Harris, postdoctoral research associate, Lászlo Bálint, Danielle M. Dy, alumni graduate student, Natalie R. Nielsen, graduate research assistant, Hernán G. Mendez, Amir Aghajanian, Ph.D., and Dr. Caron. A huge shout-out to Natalie Harris and Lászlo Bálint for their incredible efforts in compiling the field’s most authoritative review on cardiac lymphatics! The article will be featured in the October, 2022, Volume 102, Issue 4 of APS Physiological Reviews and can be read online now.