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Lu Yu, Ph.D.Melina Kibbe, M.D.Congratulations to the lab of Melina Kibbe, M.D., Colin G. Thomas, Jr. Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery; Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, for publishing paper, entitled “Development of Poly(1,8-octanediol-co-citrate-co-ascorbate) Elastomers with Enhanced Ascorbate Performance for Use as a Graft Coating to Prevent Neointimal Hyperplasia” in the journal ACS Applied Bio Materials.

This paper details their efforts to develop biocompatible elastomeric coatings with antioxidant and in situ nitric oxide-releasing properties to prevent neointimal hyperplasia in small diameter vascular grafts.

Wenhan He, Ph.D.Erica Peters, Ph.D.Ben Ledford, Ph.D.The work from Dr. Kibbe’s lab was led by postdoctoral fellow Dr. Lu Yu, along with postdoctoral fellows Dr. Wenhan He, Dr. Erica Peters, and Dr. Ben Ledford.ACS Applied Bio Materials