The mission of the Microbiome Core Facility at UNC is to provide the research community with the facilities and the expertise to characterize complex microbial communities from different environments. The Core has state of the art instrumentation and extensively trained personnel that provide support from the experimental design phase of your project to the analysis of high-throughput data.

Services offered by the Core include metagenomics methods to determine the composition and function of microbial communities using amplicon, Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS) and RNA sequencing, and traditional and high-throughput quantitative (q)PCR.

Featured Services:


First Friday Microbiome Seminar

When: March  2, 2018 at 12 pm
Where: 124 Isaac Taylor Hall



The North Carolina Microbiome Consortium

Missions and Goals

The North Carolina Microbiome Consortium provides the opportunity for interested and committed participants in academia, industry and the public to seek and share knowledge concerning the science of the microbiome

Instruments available in the Microbiome Core Facility: