Next Generation Sequencing in Cancer Research, Volume 2


Various members of the lab, including Dr. Dirk Dittmer, contributed to the Springer publications, along with other renown scientists. The chapter “Vironomics: The Study of Viral Genomics in Human Cancer and Disease” explore the various aspects of Next Generation Sequencing and its applications in cancer research. The book can be downloaded from the publisher’s website, where a hard-cover copy can also be ordered:


Molecular Basis for Theraphy of AIDS-Defining Cancers

Dr. Dirk Dittmer published “Molecular Basis for Therapy of AIDS-Defining Cancers” in 2010, in which he discusses the recent advancement in AIDS therapy and their effect on AIDS-defining cancers, notably: Kaposi’s sarcoma, high-grade B-cell lymphomas, and invasive cervical cancer.