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Acknowledging the Core

Our funding depends on our users and collaborators acknowledging the contributions of the Neuroscience Microscopy Core in their research and publications.

We suggest using the following language for this acknowledgement:

Microscopy was performed at the UNC Neuroscience Microscopy Core (RRID:SCR_019060), supported, in part, by funding from the NIH-NICHD Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center Support Grant P50 HD103573.

If the Zeiss LMS 980 was used in your research, please include the following language in your acknowledgement:

The Zeiss LSM 980 microscope was funded with support from NIH grant S10 OD032388.

If the ASI ct-dSPIM was used in your research, please include the following language in your acknowledgement:

The ASI ct-dSPIM microscope was funded with support from NIH grant S10 MH130455

Have you published recently? Let us know at We’d love to share the news with our community!

Recent Publications that Utilized Instruments in the Core

YearTitleJournalAuthorsNMC Equipment Used
2024The E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM9 regulates synaptic function and actin dynamicsbioRxivMcCormick, L. E., Evans, E. B., Barker, N. K., Herring, L. E., Diering, G. H., & Gupton, S. L.Zeiss LSM 780, Zeiss LSM 980
2023Heterogeneity in the progression of retinal pathologies in mice harboring patient mimicking Impg2 mutationsHuman Molecular GeneticsWilliams, B. N., Draper, A., Lang, P. F., Lewis, T. R., Smith, A. L., Mayerl, S. J., Rougié, M., Simon, J. M., Arshavsky, V. Y., Greenwald, S. H., Gamm, D. M., Pinilla, I., & Philpot, B. D.Olympus FV3000RS
2023A suite of engineered mice for interrogating psychedelic drug actionsbioRxivChiu, Y. T., Deutch, A. Y., Wang, W., Schmitz, G. P., Huang, K. L., Kocak, D. D., Llorach, P., Bowyer, K., Liu, B., Sciaky, N., Hua, K., Chen, C., Mott, S. E., Niehaus, J., DiBerto, J. F., English, J., Walsh, J. J., Scherrer, G., Herman, M. A., Wu, Z., … Roth, B. L.Olympus FV3000RS
2023Genetics of cell-type-specific post-transcriptional gene regulation during human neurogenesisbioRxivAygün, N., Krupa, O., Mory, J., Le, B., Valone, J., Liang, D., Love, M. I., & Stein, J. L.Nikon Eclipse Ti2
2023Cross-site reproducibility of human cortical organoids reveals consistent cell type composition and architecturebioRxivGlass, M. R., Waxman, E. A., Yamashita, S., Lafferty, M., Beltran, A., Farah, T., Patel, N. K., Matoba, N., Ahmed, S., Srivastava, M., Drake, E., Davis, L. T., Yeturi, M., Sun, K., Love, M. I., Hashimoto-Torii, K., French, D. L., & Stein, J. L.Olympus FV3000RS
2023Autism-linked UBE3A gain-of-function mutation causes interneuron and behavioral phenotypes when inherited maternally or paternally in miceCell ReportsXing, L., Simon, J. M., Ptacek, T. S., Yi, J. J., Loo, L., Mao, H., Wolter, J. M., McCoy, E. S., Paranjape, S. R., Taylor-Blake, B., & Zylka, M. J.Zeiss LSM 710, Zeiss LSM 780
2023Multi-monoubiquitination controls VASP-mediated actin dynamicsbioRxivMcCormick, L. E., Suarez, C., Herring, L. E., Cannon, K. S., Kovar, D. R., Brown, N. G., & Gupton, S. L.Zeiss LSM 980
2023Activity-dependent tau cleavage by caspase-3 promotes neuronal dysfunction and synaptotoxicityiScienceOpland, C. K., Bryan, M. R., Harris, B., McGillion-Moore, J., Tian, X., Chen, Y., Itano, M. S., Diering, G. H., Meeker, R. B., & Cohen, T. J.Zeiss LSM 780
2023Compensatory remodeling of a septo-hippocampal GABAergic network in the triple transgenic Alzheimer’s mouse modelJournal of Translational MedicineWander, C. M., Li, Y. D., Bao, H., Asrican, B., Luo, Y. J., Sullivan, H. A., Chao, T. H., Zhang, W. T., Chéry, S. L., Tart, D. S., Chen, Z. K., Shih, Y. I., Wickersham, I. R., Cohen, T. J., & Song, J.Olympus FV3000RS
2023Activation of hypothalamic-enhanced adult-born neurons restores cognitive and affective function in Alzheimer’s diseaseCell Stem CellLi, Y. D., Luo, Y. J., Xie, L., Tart, D. S., Sheehy, R. N., Zhang, L., Coleman, L. G., Jr, Chen, X., & Song, J.Olympus FV3000RS
2023MicroRNA-eQTLs in the developing human neocortex link miR-4707-3p expression to brain sizeeLifeLafferty, M. J., Aygün, N., Patel, N. K., Krupa, O., Liang, D., Wolter, J. M., Geschwind, D. H., de la Torre-Ubieta, L., & Stein, J. L.Nikon Eclipse Ti2
2023Cellular Genome-wide Association Study Identifies Common Genetic Variation Influencing Lithium-Induced Neural Progenitor ProliferationBiological Psychiatry Wolter, J. M., Le, B. D., Matoba, N., Lafferty, M. J., Aygün, N., Liang, D., Courtney, K., Song, J., Piven, J., Zylka, M. J., & Stein, J. L.
2022ZipperCells Exhibit Enhanced Accumulation and Retention at the Site of Myocardial InfarctionAdvanced Healthcare MaterialsJasiewicz, N. E., Mei, K. C., Oh, H. M., Chansoria, P., Hendy, D. A., Bonacquisti, E. E., Bachelder, E. M., Ainslie, K. M., Yin, H., Qian, L., Jensen, B. C., & Nguyen, J.Olympus FV3000RS
2022Multi-omic profiling reveals the ataxia protein sacsin is required for integrin trafficking and synaptic organizationCell ReportsRomano, L. E. L., Aw, W. Y., Hixson, K. M., Novoselova, T. V., Havener, T. M., Howell, S., Taylor-Blake, B., Hall, C. L., Xing, L., Beri, J., Nethisinghe, S., Perna, L., Hatimy, A., Altadonna, G. C., Graves, L. M., Herring, L. E., Hickey, A. J., Thalassinos, K., Chapple, J. P., & Wolter, J. M.Olympus FV3000RS
2022Molecular and behavioral consequences of Ube3a gene overdosage in miceJCI InsightPunt, A. M., Judson, M. C., Sidorov, M. S., Williams, B. N., Johnson, N. S., Belder, S., den Hertog, D., Davis, C. R., Feygin, M. S., Lang, P. F., Jolfaei, M. A., Curran, P. J., van IJcken, W. F., Elgersma, Y., & Philpot, B. D.Zeiss LSM 710
2022Corpora amylacea are associated with tau burden and cognitive status in Alzheimer’s diseaseActa Neuropathologica CommunicationsWander, C. M., Tsujimoto, T. H. M., Ervin, J. F., Wang, C., Maranto, S. M., Bhat, V., Dallmeier, J. D., Wang, S. J., Lin, F. C., Scott, W. K., Holtzman, D. M., & Cohen, T. J.Olympus FV3000RS
2022Whole-Brain Single-Cell Imaging and Analysis of Intact Neonatal Mouse Brains Using MRI, Tissue Clearing, and Light-Sheet MicroscopyJournal of Visualized ExperimentsKyere, F. A., Curtin, I., Krupa, O., McCormick, C. M., Dere, M., Khan, S., Kim, M., Wang, T. W., He, Q., Wu, G., Shih, Y. I., & Stein, J. L.Linux Analysis Workstation
2022Actin nano-architecture of phagocytic podosomesNature CommunicationsHerron, J. C., Hu, S., Watanabe, T., Nogueira, A. T., Liu, B., Kern, M. E., Aaron, J., Taylor, A., Pablo, M., Chew, T. L., Elston, T. C., & Hahn, K. M.Windows Analysis Workstation
2022Translaminar recurrence from layer 5 suppresses superficial cortical layersNature CommunicationsOnodera, K., & Kato, H. K.Olympus FV3000RS
2022Rescue of behavioral and electrophysiological phenotypes in a Pitt-Hopkins syndrome mouse model by genetic restoration of Tcf4 expressioneLifeKim, H., Gao, E. B., Draper, A., Berens, N. C., Vihma, H., Zhang, X., Higashi-Howard, A., Ritola, K. D., Simon, J. M., Kennedy, A. J., & Philpot, B. D.Zeiss LSM 710, Nikon Eclipse Ti2
2022Hypothalamic modulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis in mice confers activity-dependent regulation of memory and anxiety-like behaviorNature NeuroscienceLi, Y. D., Luo, Y. J., Chen, Z. K., Quintanilla, L., Cherasse, Y., Zhang, L., Lazarus, M., Huang, Z. L., & Song, J.Olympus FV3000RS
2022Analysis of Astrocyte Territory Volume and Tiling in Thick Free-Floating Tissue SectionsJournal of Visualized ExperimentsEaker, A. R., & Baldwin, K. T.Olympus FV3000RS
2022Developmental pyrethroid exposure and age influence phenotypes in a Chd8 haploinsufficient autism mouse modelScientific ReportsJiménez, J. A., Simon, J. M., Hu, W., Moy, S. S., Harper, K. M., Liu, C. W., Lu, K., & Zylka, M. J.Zeiss LSM 710
2022Antioxidant Response Activating nanoParticles (ARAPas) localize to atherosclerotic plaque and locally activate the Nrf2 pathwayBiomaterials ScienceMaiocchi, S., Cartaya, A., Thai, S., Akerman, A., & Bahnson, E. (2022). Antioxidant Response Activating nanoParticles (ARAPas) localize to atherosclerotic plaque and locally activate the Nrf2 pathwayZeiss LSM 780
2022Customized blood-brain barrier shuttle peptide to increase AAV9 vector crossing the BBB and augment transduction in the brainBiomaterialsZhang, X., Chai, Z., Lee Dobbins, A., Itano, M. S., Askew, C., Miao, Z., Niu, H., Samulski, R. J., & Li, C.Olympus FV3000RS
2022VE-Cadherin Is Required for Cardiac Lymphatic Maintenance and SignalingCirculation ResearchHarris, N. R., Nielsen, N. R., Pawlak, J. B., Aghajanian, A., Rangarajan, K., Serafin, D. S., Farber, G., Dy, D. M., Nelson-Maney, N. P., Xu, W., Ratra, D., Hurr, S. H., Qian, L., Scallan, J. P., & Caron, K. M.Nikon Eclipse Ti2