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Faculty and residents from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine Department Obstetrics andPoster presentations at SGO Conference - UNC OBGYN Gynecology attended and presented at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology’s (SGO) Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer in San Diego, CA.

SGO’s Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer is the premier educational and scientific event for those who treat and care for individuals with gynecologic cancer. Gynecologic oncology professionals meet each year to discuss the latest science in the field, receive educational programming, and network.

Gynecologic oncology fellow, Dr. Jenny Haag presented her research findings during her presentation, “Tirzepatide as an innovative treatment strategy in a pre-clinical model of obesity-driven endometrial cancer.” Dr. Haag’s research evaluated weight loss interventions, specifically using the drug tirzepatide, in mice with endometrial cancer with promising results. Her research concluded that the drug tirzepatide deserves further evaluation as an innovative strategy in the management of patients with endometrial cancer. “The conference was inspiring and motivating, from hearing about the newest study results to moving presentations from former patients and patient advocates,” said Dr. Haag. “It’s important for us to attend these conferences, as we have an opportunity to share our important research from UNC, learn from others’ research, and connect with oncology providers from around the world in order to be able to provide the best care possible for our patients.”

Presentations at SGO Conference - UNC OBGYNDr. Benjamin Albright, Assistant Professor of Gynecology Oncology, presented two posters at SGO’s annual meeting. He presented his research on the platinum chemotherapy shortage on patients with gynecologic cancers in the United States, and on geographic racial disparities in receipt of low-quality surgical care among patients with nonmetastatic uterine cancer. Dr. Albright presented as a nominee for the Foundation of Women’s Cancers (FWC) Patient Advocacy Hope Award. “SGO is a wonderful conference that combines groundbreaking science and the chance to meet and network with the leaders in the field,” said Dr. Albright. “It is a great opportunity to show off the innovative work we are doing at UNC, as well as to learn from research going on around the world in gynecologic oncology. Seeing this work impacts how we practice and inspires further research and collaboration.”

For Dr. Albright, a highlight of the conference was getting to present his work to cancer survivors and patient advocates as a nominee for the FWC award. “It was also nice to see presentations honoring UNC’s Dr. Wendy Brewster, who was in line to be the next President of SGO before her untimely passing from pancreatic cancer last year, for her contributions to the SGO and the field of gynecologic oncology,” said Dr. Albright.

About the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO)

SGO’s mission is the prevent and treat gynecologic cancers with equity, thereby improving lives through advocacy, engagement, education, research, and collaboration. Their vision is a world without gynecologic cancers.

SGO Conference - UNC OBGYN