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UNC Horizons began working with retired District Court Judge, Jay Bryan, and his business, Jay Bryan Consulting and Mediation, LLC, in 2019. Judge Bryan provides coaching to participants in Horizons regarding preparing for their court matters.

Based on his experience in Family Treatment Court and as an attorney representing parents in Abuse and Neglect Court, Judge Bryan’s program focuses on helping women prepare effectively for and handle their involvement in Recovery, Abuse and Neglect, Criminal, Family, or Family Treatment courts. Services includes assessment of prior involvement in court and needs for court, development of understanding of the cultures and workings of different courts, tips for preparing for court appearances, and suggestions for how to act in court including communicating with a judge, and other supportive approaches.

With such help, women’s self-esteem and confidence, to advocate for themselves in an effective manner, improves. They also can feel more confident and empowered about being in recovery and substance free.