UNC Global Health Elective Opportunities

The listed electives are both international and global health local electives for enrolled UNC medical students. Whether you are looking to go abroad, or take a class locally that has a global focus, there are many opportunities.

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Course #

Faculty advisors/course director




Ana C.G.Felix anafelix@med.unc.edu
Michael Harrigan harrigan@med.unc.edu

Internal Medicine/Neurology

Advanced Practice Selective in Sao Joao, Portugal offered only Blocks 4-10

Internal Medicine

Advanced Practice Selective at UNC Malawi site in Lilongwe - available for MS4s only and by permission. 


Advanced Practice Selective in Malawi




Justin Myers

Emergency Medicine

Independent International Elective with ER focus, work with Dr. Brice to find a location

ERMD 414/415

cross-listed as GLBE 403

Justin Myers

Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine Fever in the Tropics: Tropical Medicine Mini-course in Tanzania. 
ERMD 419

(Dr. Noste is located at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte)


Emergency Medicine 4th year elective to Tanzania



Sylvia Becker-Dreps
Family Medicine

Independent global health elective, work with Dr. Carlough or Dr. Becker-Dreps to find a location

Family Medicine
student led Honduran Health Alliance (women's health and cervical cancer screening)
FMME 404/APSM 401-13
Coordinator: Gaye Colvin
Family Medicine (MAHEC-Asheville)

Specific global health elective originating out of Asheville, with group trip to Honduras through Shoulder to Shoulder in August annually

GLB/ Interdisciplinary


GLBE 201/401 Martha Carlough
Interdisciplinary Foundations in Global Health course offered through the OIA

Combination of on-line modules, learning activities and reflection papers AND a minimum of a 2 week global health experience.

GLBE 204/404

Sylvia Becker Dreps

Interdisciplinary AMOS/Nicaragua course - community based primary health care health 

Nicaragua-based elective for rising MS2s (community health based) or MS4s (more clinical experience) with AMOS in Nicaragua and the University of Leon, Nicaragua

GLBE 202/402 

Jeffrey Walden

Martha Carlough


 Refugee and Immigrant Health elective based out of Greensboro with community and clinical experience for MS4s


Migrant farmworker health elective for rising MS2s or MS4s locations either Benson NC or Hendersonville NC




Ricardo Francalacci Savaris (Brazil); Steven L Young (UNC-USA)
Gynecological emergency unit in Brazil


Tom Belhorn
HIV and Maternal –Child Health in Kabale, Uganda. Linked to CFHI elective: must apply and be accepted to it as well.


Internal Medicine
This elective is intended as an early research experience in global health, in collaboration with an IGHID faculty or associate faculty at a site on an assigned, ongoing project or research study.
Marco Aleman
Internal Medicine
Specific Peru global health elective


Gail Henderson ghenders@med.unc.edu
Ron Strauss rstauss@unc.edu
Coordinator: Dr. Barry Saunders
Social Medicine

Independent international health elective, work with involve faculty to find appropriate experience and location for an elective related to social medicine




For a complete list of GOING GLOCAL opportunities, refer to the PDF here.