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Orthopaedics Video Overview

For over 50 years we have provided superb musculoskeletal health care to our patients, top rate education to our students and residents, and innovative research and knowledge to the orthopaedic profession.



We offer a wide range of orthopaedic services with access to world-class orthopaedic specialists designed to help you and your family live a healthy life.


OrthoNow Urgent Care

OrthoNow offers same-day orthopaedic visits for acute sprains and strains, joint pain, sports injuries and possible fractures. Call (919) 843-4711


  • Join the UNC Sports Medicine Institute for Our 1st Annual Conference September 30th!

    The UNC Sports Medicine Institute (SMI) is dedicated to informing current and future practice in treating musculoskeletal injuries through innovative, impactful clinical research that helps individuals return to peak performance and quality, active lifestyles. In its third year of operation, the Institute’s collaborating patient care and clinical research disciplines are pleased to host the inaugural … Continued

  • Anna Vergun: Early Intervention & Partnership to Advance Pediatric Limb Corrective Care Worldwide

    For infants born with limb deficiencies or deformities, early intervention is important for optimal development. However, many families learn of the congenital anomaly at birth and need time to process their own emotions regarding the limb loss/difference. The grieving process can take up to a year, which can delay making important treatment decisions that affect … Continued

  • UNC Orthopaedics “Boot Camp”: High Marks for Five 2022-2023 Interns!

    Late June each year, the Department’s PGY1s begin residency with a great interest in their chosen field of orthopaedics. However, they are armed with only the limited knowledge that they received in medical school. Stepping into this newfound role as physicians in training, first-year residents lack critical orthopaedic surgery skills to perform direct patient care on Day 1. UNC Orthopaedics joins specialties across UNC … Continued

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