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Program Description

The McLendon Clinical Laboratories of UNC Hospitals offer a broadly based, one-year training program in diagnostic hematopathology. The program is fully accredited by the ACGME. Hematopathology is a diverse specialty, employing a wide variety of technologies, and our Fellowship program is organized in such a way as to provide appropriate training in all of these areas. Trainees gain experience in the management and medical supervision of a high volume hematology laboratory (800–1,000 CBCs/day), the evaluation of peripheral blood smears, bone marrow and lymph node biopsies and the various procedures conventionally grouped together as special hematology. The Division of Hematopathology prepares comprehensive diagnostic reports on all hematological samples, incorporating morphological, histochemical, flow cytometric, cytogenetic and molecular genetic data. The Hematopathology Fellowship Program works closely with other laboratory areas to provide practical training in diagnostic flow cytometry, cytogenetics and blood coagulation. Trainees participate in a wide range of regularly scheduled conferences that stress clinico-pathologic correlation. They also play a crucial role in teaching hematopathology to medical students, as well as to pathology, hematology and oncology residents. While the fellowship is geared primarily to hematological diagnosis, research activities are strongly encouraged, with numerous research opportunities available within the Division of Hematopathology and the Pathology Department as a whole.

Program Requirements

Applicants must possess an M.D. degree and have at least two years of accredited residency training in anatomic pathology.


Fellowship stipends are based on the trainee’s number of years of postdoctoral training and the current UNC Hospitals’ Housestaff salary scale.

Program Director

Stephanie P. Mathews, MD

Faculty Members


An application form may be downloaded from the Office of Graduate Medical Education website. The completed application form, three letters of recommendation, and a current C.V. should be submitted to the program director at the address below. UNC Hospitals’ Housestaff Policies are available for review online at UNC Hospitals Office of Graduate Medical Education.

After completing the application, please mail completed application form and have letters of reference directed to…

Stephanie P. Mathews, M.D.
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7525

For additional information, please contact…

Dr. Stephanie Mathews
Telephone: 984-974-8320
FAX: 984-974-8563