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Julia Rodriguez O'Donnell LCSW, OSW-CWhy did you decide to work in palliative care?
It is a dream come true to be joining UNC’s Palliative Care team this summer as a clinical social worker. My background in providing counseling to adults, couples and families working through difficult transitions and losses, combined with having supported patients and families in UNC’s Outpatient Oncology clinics for the past 7-1/2 years, culminated in a clear path to palliative care. I am also excited to bring back into my daily practice the tools and approaches that had to take a back-seat while working in the outpatient, resource-heavy role. This includes mind-body tools, trauma-informed care, and whole-person support.

Julia Rodriguez O'Donnell LCSW, OSW-CWhat is your favorite part of your job?
I look forward as a palliative care social worker to having more time to spend with patients needing support and guidance, and to invite them into spaces of compassion, understanding and acceptance. And I am especially looking forward to collaborating with all of you as I learn and grow into my role.

Julia Rodriguez O'Donnell LCSW, OSW-CWhat do you enjoy most about living in the Triangle area?
I grew up in North Florida, then lived 24 years in the Pacific Northwest, and moved to the Triangle 8 years ago to be closer to my sister and my best friend from college. My kids (17-yr-old twins) and I are really happy here, and once of my favorite parts of being back in the South is listening to tree frogs and crickets sing at night after the rain. Also, I love hiking and paddling the lakes and rivers with my two small terrier dogs. I am also an avid DYI’er on my 70’s ranch house.