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Emilee Lewis, MD

Dr. Emiliee Lewis, Assistant Professor in the division of Hospital Pediatrics, has been asked to serve as UNC site lead for the American Academy of Pediatrics VIP Network Project: Learning and Implementing Guidelines for Hyperbilirubinemia Treatment (LIGHT). The project seeks to implement the AAP Clinical Practice Guideline to improve and standardize care of hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn infant, 35+ weeks gestation using quality and process improvement methodology. This important work done by Dr. Lewis and the UNC Newborn Nursery team will likely serve as the model for implementation of these new clinical guidelines in nurseries across UNC Health.


Global Aim: Improve the evidence-based management of infants ≤14 days of age who receive inpatient phototherapy
Specific Aim #1: Decrease subthreshold phototherapy
Specific Aim #2: Obtain DAT in all appropriate instances
Specific Aim #3: Decrease unnecessary rebound testing
Specific Aim #4: Decrease unnecessary IV fluid use