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Amy Sangvai, LCSW; Mary Beth Prieur, PhD; Cameron McKinzie, PharmD; Ellen Penta, LCSW; and Charissa Kam, PharmD

The UNC Pediatrics CF team was featured in the January edition of the CFF Network News. Written by Mary Beth Prieur, PhD, the article addresses the increasing importance of mental health among the CF community.

With higher rates of anxiety and depression, guidelines for screening, and possible mental health impacts of CFTR modulators, cystic fibrosis care teams have been finding novel ways to help coordinate mental health care. At the University of North Carolina Pediatric CF Center, we have been managing initiation of select mental health-related medications, such as SSRIs, for people with CF for several years. We have collaborated with our two pediatric pharmacists due to patient and family preference for consolidated care and lack of a dedicated psychiatrist. Mental health (MH) team members (two social workers and a psychologist) then provide follow-up care, monitor for side effects, and coordinate with the CF care team.

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