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To foster scholarship within the UNC Pediatrics Residency Program, each resident will be required to complete a Scholarly Project during their residency (Preliminary residents excluded). The purpose of this requirement is to equip residents with the skills necessary to research a specific topic, to organize the latest data on this subject and to present this information to ones colleagues. This activity addresses several of the Core Competencies established by the ACGME – Medical Knowledge, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Systems-Based Practice and Interpersonal / Communication Skills. All physicians will utilize these skills in their future practice.

Any topic of study is acceptable; ideally this would be a topic of personal interest to the presenting resident. Residents can choose to present results from a research, advocacy or QI project, a literature review and update on a medical condition or a summary of an international experience with particular emphasis on a comparison of the healthcare delivery systems and major health concerns in that region.

Each resident will identify a project mentor and will meet with them at least twice during the activity of the project. The resident should ensure that the mentor is available to attend any summary presentation.

The summation of this project should yield a Grand Rounds – type presentation. It should be an academic and scholarly presentation that demonstrates a level of mastery of the topic. Several venues for presentation are acceptable – presentation at a state (NCPS) or national (PAS) meetings; UNC, Moses Cone, Rex or Wake Med Grand Rounds; presentation at Evening of Scholarship or during a noon conference as a senior presentation. A publication in a refereed journal would also meet this requirement. The presentation must be completed or an article accepted for publication prior to graduation.

Current Scholarly Projects

Kaitlin Rawluk – Poster Presentation at 2013 NC Pediatric Society Meeting: Acute Pancreatitis as First Presentation Of Systemic Lupus Erythematosis: The Role Of Corticosteroids

Molly Rusin and Heather Wright – Poster Presentation at 2013 NC Pediatric Society Meeting: The More You Read…The More Places You’ll Go!

Mark Connelly – Poster Presentation at 2013 PAS Meeting: Venous Thromboembolisms in Noncritically Ill children

Jamie Felton and Jenn Stiff – Poster Presentation at 2013 Evening of Scholarship: Child with Double Aortic Arch

Marquita Genies – Poster Presentation at 2013 NC Pediatric Society Meeting: Vital Signs as a Marker to Identify Low Risk Neonates Born To Mothers With Chorioamniontis

Stephanie Permar and Stevie Rowe – Poster Presentations at 2013 PAS Meeting and 2013 APA Region IV Meeting: The Accuracy of Examination Signs to Assess Dehydration in Children: An Updated Systematic Review

Emily Vander Schaaf – Poster Presentation at 2013 PAS Meeting: Consecutive Phone Calls to Nurses in Specialty Academic Divisions: Serving a Wide Variety of Needs

Emily Vander Schaaf – Poster Presentation at 2013 NC Pediatric Society Meeting: Mid-Aortic Syndrome: A Rare Cause of Hypertension in Children