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Our faculty, staff, and learners are always making news. We love to see the mission of UNC Children’s and the Department of Pediatrics reflected in the media.

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Children’s in the Media

Rebecca Baum, MD

Getting Help for Your Child’s Mental Health – Dr. Becky Baum on WRAL

Moodiness may seem like the very definition of the teen years. The ups and downs of puberty can perplex even the most patient parent. WRAL picked up some excellent advice from our Dr. Becky Baum, Professor in General Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Peyton Thompson, MD, MSCR

Mother-infant Hepatitis B Treatment, Prevention Feasible in Sub-Saharan Africa

A study in Lancet Global Health led by UNC School of Medicine’s Peyton Thompson, MD, MSCR and Jonathan Parr, MD, MPH showed the feasibility and acceptance of hepatitis B virus testing, treatment, and vaccination programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Mike Steiner, MD

Steiner on CBS17: Triangle doctors seeing children ill with viruses that are more active in fall or winter

“This summer, we’ve seen RSV and another virus called parainfluenza. Both of those are having a spike at our hospital right now,” explained Dr. Michael Steiner, the pediatrician in chief at UNC Children’s. “We think this is, in part, related to the fact that through the winter season people were socially distancing, and spacing, and wearing masks, and the viruses didn’t have their usual time where they peak.”

Martha Perry, MD

Dr. Martha Perry – As COVID Restrictions Ease, RSV and Other Viruses Reemerge

Dr. Martha Perry discusses why more common viruses may now start circulating simultaneously.