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We have a long history of progressive, national and international investigation in all types of health science research. While investigators continue to pursue substantial bench research, we continue to expand our focus in translational and clinical research. Routinely, we are annually ranked in the top 25 of NIH Awards to Pediatric Departments.

Gene Therapy Center

DNA and the Gene Therapy Center
The University of North Carolina School of Medicine created the Gene Therapy Center in 1993 with the goal of providing an intellectual environment for a diverse community of research scientists dedicated to basic and translational research. Beginning in 2017, the Department of Pediatrics has been instrumental in managing the Gene Therapy Center. As a result of state-of-the-art capabilities of Center scientists, the Gene Therapy Center provides important resources to academic investigators through two specialized core facilities created to support preclinical and clinical gene therapy studies. These facilities, the Vector Core and the Human Applications Laboratories (HAL), were created to ensure that investigators would have promising gene vectors available in the quality and quantities needed for preclinical or clinical studies.