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  • Are you interested in genomics?
  • Are you an undergraduate rising sophomore, undergraduate rising junior, or a community college student?
  • Do you belong to a group that is underrepresented in science or do you self-identify as coming from a disadvantaged background?

UNC Educational Pathways to Increase Diversity in GEnomics (EDGE) is an innovative 2-year summer program for undergraduate students who are interested in careers in genomics. EDGE especially welcomes applications from students who are underrepresented in the field of genomics: individuals who belong to underrepresented racial and ethnic groups (Native Americans/Alaska natives, Hispanic Americans, Hawaiian natives/U.S. Pacific Islanders, and African Americans), individuals with disabilities, and/or individuals from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. Students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. EDGE is aimed at freshman and sophomore undergraduate students. 


EDGE has a unique 2-year program structure.

Year 1 (3 weeks):

  • fundamentals of genetic science
  • careers in genomics
  • ethical, legal, and social issues in genomics
  • genomics in medicine
  • mentoring & professional development

Year 2 (8 weeks):

  • working in a research lab with mentors
  • professional development
  • science communication training

The Year 2 research experience will place students in cutting-edge research labs at UNC-Chapel Hill. Students will work on an independent research project, attend weekly lab meetings and journal clubs, and present their research at the end of the program. EDGE students, faculty, and staff will build a vibrant community of peers and mentors that will guide students as they embark on their careers. 

EDGE students will receive compensation ($1000 for summer 2022 and $4800 for summer 2023). There is no tuition. 

2022 Timeline:

  • mid-January 2022: application period opens
  • February 9, 2022, 12:00-12:45pm and 4:00-4:45pm: virtual open house and Q&A events; students, professors, and staff are welcome; see below for QR code and Zoom link on open house poster
  • February 28, 2022: applications due
  • March 7, 2022: reference forms due
  • March 25, 2022: acceptances announced
  • June 6-24, 2022: program dates. EDGE 2022 will be virtual and held by Zoom.

2022 Program calendar (9am-3pm daily; Zoom):

2022 Week 1 Monday 6/6 Tuesday 6/7 Wednesday 6/8 Thursday 6/9 Friday 6/10
Morning session 1 Orientation Careers in genomics Careers in genomics Genomic medicine Ethical, legal, & social issues
Morning session 2 Orientation Genomic science Mentoring Genomic science Genetics in everyday life
Afternoon session 1 At-home DNA extraction Genomic science Reading scientific papers Mentoring Ethical, legal, & social issues
Afternoon session 2 Independent reading & writing


2022 Week 2 Monday 6/13 Tuesday 6/14 Wednesday 6/15 Thursday 6/16 Friday 6/17
Morning session 1 Mentoring Careers in genomics Computational techniques Computational techniques Genomic medicine
Morning session 2 Ethical, legal, & social issues Genomic medicine Careers in genomics Research presentations Genetics in everyday life
Afternoon session 1 Genetics lab tour Molecular sign-out meeting Reading scientific papers Mentoring The Clinical Genome
Afternoon session 2

Independent reading & writing


2022 Week 3 Monday 6/20 Tuesday 6/21 Wednesday 6/22 Thursday 6/23 Friday 6/24
Morning session 1 Ethical, legal, & social issues Mentoring Computational techniques Genomic medicine Genomic science
Morning session 2 Careers in genomics Genetics in everyday life Careers in genomics TBD TBD
Afternoon session 1 Virtual experiments Molecular sign-out meeting TBD Mentoring Program evaluation
Afternoon session 2

Independent reading & writing


Click here to find out more about what EDGE includes.

EDGE Leadership and Staff


Quotes from students in PPMH summer programs in 2020 and 2021:

  • “This is a once in a lifetime learning experience.” – Jalil 
  • “The experience and knowledge I have received from this program have been invaluable, and it has really opened my eyes to the possibilities for me in genetics. I think that having programs like these are so valuable and important to continue to provide to everyone, especially marginalized groups.” – Jasmine 
  • “This experience was an opportunity for me to be exposed to different opportunities within medicine. Specifically research, diversity and inclusion, and different sections in ethics. It has introduced me to different pathways to be successful.” – Nykea 
  • “I really enjoyed hearing about the different career paths that all of these accomplished scientists took. It reassured me that I can take whatever STEM path I want.” – Hannah 
  • “I would most definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in science who is seeking to learn more about health science and genomics. This class definitely broadened my horizon for my future, as through this class I was exposed to various fields and careers in health science and genomics that I was not aware of.” – Kara 
  • This program has allowed me to see how interdisciplinary science can be! This was very important to me because, before, I had a linear understanding of how science could be implemented.” – Bria 

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