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Prices below are effective September 5, 2023

Please note that most projects are a combination of these services. Estimations of our most common services are also listed.

To request a quote, please contact Director,

All rates below are internal UNC rates only; for external academic and for-profit rates, please contact Laura Herring.

Sample Preparation UNC Rate 
 Trypsin Digestion (in-solution, in-gel, S-trap)  $         40
 Sample clean-up (C18 spin column, zip tip, etc)  $         32
 Post-translational modification (PTM) enrichment, per sample  $        150
 Isobaric tagging (TMT10/TMT16), per sample  $        145
 Additional sample prep procedures, hourly  $         80
LC-MS/MS analysis, per hour  $        150
Data analysis, per hour  $         75

Estimated Cost for Common Services

UNC Rate
Protein ID from gel, LC-MS/MS analysis, per sample  $       130
Phosphorylation site mapping of single protein from gel, per sample  $       300
Identification of binding partners from gel, 2 samples (control + sample)  $       600
Global label-free quantitative analysis, 4 samples (in-solution digest, sample clean-up, LC-MS/MS by DIA, quantitative data analysis)  $    1,300
High resolution intact mass measurement, ZipChip-MS, per sample  $         95