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The North Carolina Clozapine Network is excited to announce that our parent organization, UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health, has recently become a Project ECHO® (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) Hub. The NCCN will be the first program hosted via this new Project ECHO® Hub. We plan to launch our inaugural Project ECHO® NCCN meeting in Spring 2023.

At this time, the NCCN is limiting our program to providers, clinics, healthcare facilities and/or managed care organizations that reside within North Carolina. If you or your organization are located within North Carolina and are not already a designated site participant and wish to become one, please contact the NCCN via the NCCN Consultation line.

The NCCN plans to offer our Project ECHO® program nationally in late 2023. If you or your organization would like to become a designated site participant, then please contact the NCCN via the NCCN Consultation line and we will contact you with information on how to enroll as a designated site participant when the national program approaches its launch date.