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Make a Gift

Life with severe mental illness can be better. Those of us at the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health believe it can be healthy, rewarding, and free of stigma. Help us achieve our vision by making a tax-deductible contribution TODAY. Your donation will enable us to continue offering innovative recovery programs, train new and existing mental health service providers, and conduct forward-thinking research.

Donate Now to Support:

UNC CECMH (#349219):

Your donation will provide needed support for over 20 CECMH programs, training of new and existing mental health service providers, and open up new opportunities to individuals with mental health.

Brushes with Life (#345811):

Brushes with Life is a creative arts recovery program in which participants find healing and move toward recovery. By connecting with the larger community around their work, they promote a broader understanding of the human side of mental illness. This program, including art supplies, is 100% donation funded.

Research (#348946):

The North Carolina Psychiatric Research Center (NCPRC) and STEP Research Clinic focus on researching treatments for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or other serious mental illness. The Community Outcomes Research and Evaluation Center (COREC) focuses on outcomes and program evaluation, quality improvement, and intervention research. Your donations could help better the lives of persons with mental illness in North Carolina and beyond.

Farm at Penny Lane (#345781):

Your donations support the creative alternative recovery programs at the UNC Farm at Penny Lane. These programs include group therapies such as Horticultural Therapy, Brushes with Life, and Wellness Wednesday. As well as community programs such as the CORA Food Pantry, Wellness on Wheels Mobile Clinic and Tiny Home Village.

UNC PAWS (#345774):

UNC PAWS is an innovative community-based recovery and rehabilitation program that uses non- traditional interventions to assist individuals living with psychiatric disabilities, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression and post-traumatic stress. Clients from the UNC Center of Excellence in Community Health trained shelter dogs in performing basic obedience skills, with dogs ultimately being placed in forever homes.

Other Ways to Make a Gift

Always feel free to call the UNC Development Office’s Live Support Line: (919) 537-3818 (M-F | 8-5 EST) for help with giving.