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Wake OASIS, relocated their offices from Glenwood Avenue to 3010 Falstaff Rd. in Raleigh on December 1 and is now housed with the Center’s ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) Team, the Wake STEP Clinic, and the North Carolina Psychiatric Research Center (NCPRC).

The Wake OASIS clinic serves adolescents ages 16-18 and young adults in Wake County who are experiencing their first episodes of early psychosis (mental illness) or are at risk for developing a psychotic illness. Research indicates that adolescents and young adults who receive comprehensive treatment during their first episode of psychosis have better treatment outcomes and are less likely to become disabled.

“The ability to be under one roof with other UNC programs in Wake County will help with better coordination and increased coverage and resources for Wake OASIS service recipients and their families,” says Thava Mahadevan MS, LCSA, director, operations, at the Center.

Cathy Lee, MD, is the medical director and Claudia Driver, LMFT, the clinical director.

For referrals or to make an appointment call 919.445.0401 or check out the Web at