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We provide legal and mental health professionals expertise and consultation within the following areas:

  • Criminal Forensic Assessment – Competence to Stand Trial, Competence to Waive Miranda Rights, Mental State at Time of Offense/ Insanity, Dangerousness/Violence Risk Assessment, Death Penalty Evaluations, Treatment amenability, Malingering
  • Civil Forensic Assessment – Psychological Injury/ emotional distress/ PTSD, Competence to Refuse Treatment, Competence to Manage Finances, Testamentary Capacity, Disability Evaluations, Workers Compensation Claims, Guardianship Hearings, Fitness for duty evaluations, Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Expert Testimony – Medical Malpractice, Negligent Release, Psychological Autopsy, Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology Research


Sally C. Johnson, M.D.
Evan Vitiello, M.D.
Charity Wijetunga, Ph.D., J.D.
Please contact the UNC Department of Psychiatry Forensic Program & Clinic directly at (919) 972-7456 to discuss evaluation fees.