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Research Day Headline

The Department of Surgery hosted its 4th Annual Nathan A. Womack Surgical Society Research Day on Friday, June 7, 2019. Over 70 faculty members, alumni, residents and medical students in the Department took part in the day. There were 54 poster presentations and eight oral presentations from across the nine divisions that showcased an array of clinical and basic science research.

Yuman Fong, MD
Yuman Fong, MD, DSC (HON)

The department welcomed Yuman Fong, MD, DSC (HON), Sangiacomo Chair in Surgical Oncology, Chair of the Department of Surgery at City of Hope Cancer Center as our Nathan A. Womack Distinguished Visiting Professor.

The day began with a resident career development session and lunch with Dr. Fong. He shared his advice and perspective with UNC Surgery residents touching on topics such as how to choose your specialty and finding balance in your life between work and family. He shared a quote by Leon Cooper, “Focus on what is important. It takes just as much time to study something insignificant as something important.”

After lunch, participants and judges viewed the poster presentations that were set up in the Main Street Lobby of the School of Dentistry. Oral presentations then followed. Dr. Fong gave his Keynote Lecture “Technology Development in Surgery: From Robotic Surgery to Gene Surgery ”.

Before the Research Day came to a close, Dr. Kibbe presented Dr. Fong with gifts from the Department including his very own Well and Dr. Yeh announced the winners for the day:

Best Basic Science Poster Presentation
Mir Hasnain Ali, MD“The Role of TLR4 iN Early Inflammation due to Lung Transplant (LTX)”
Serena Lian Best Medical Student Poster Presentation
Serena Lian, MS1“Social Isolation as a Predictor of One-Year Outcomes in Elderly Hip Fracture Patients”
Best Clinical Science Poster Presentation
Avital Yohann, MD“Trends in Head Injury Associated Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: Moving Beyond Surgical Workforce”


research Day Photos

For more pictures from the research day, check out the UNC Department of Surgery Facebook page.