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Achieving surgical leadership demands bold ambition and exceptionally dedicated people. At UNC’s Department of Surgery, we are fortunate to be rich in both Our strategic plan is the result of an incredible amount of collaborative, thoughtful, and dedicated work from across the department.
- Melina R Kibbe, MD, FACS, FAHA, Former Department of Surgery Chair

Department of Surgery Five-Year Strategic Plan
Department of Surgery Five-Year Strategic Plan

We are proud to announce our five-year strategic plan. The plan began in March of 2017 and spanned 14 months of collaborative effort that engaged the Chair, Division Chiefs, Vice Chairs, and members of the UNC Health Care Strategic Planning and Network Development Teams. Shifting industry and system trends towards further integration required reevaluation of the Department’s role in the broader UNC Health Care Community. The goal of the plan was to renew and advance the Department’s mission. To that end, we aspired to encourage multidisciplinary and strategic thinking, align leadership towards a shared vision, set strategic areas of focus for the next five years, and implement priority initiatives to become a leading institution.

We are proud to share this strategic plan with our community of UNC Health Care system partners, faculty, trainees, patients, and community leaders as the blueprint for our future.

For more details read our UNC Department of Surgery Strategic Plan 2018-2023.