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Dr. Don Nakayama was elected as Treasurer of the American College of Surgeons for a three-year term at this year’s Clinical College in San Francisco. An ACS Fellow since 1990, Dr. Nakayama has been active at the national level in the Advisory Council for Rural Surgery (2013−2017) and the Board of Governors (2011−2013), serving on the Governors Committee to Study the Fiscal Affairs of the College (2012−2013) and Committee to Restructure Board of Governors Committees (2012−2013). Dr. Nakayama has been Chair of the History and Archives Committee since 2016. At the state level, he was Past-President of the Georgia Society of the ACS (2008−2010) and served on the Georgia Credentials Committee (2011−2013).

Dr. Nakayama has also been appointed Editor-in-Chief of The American Surgeon, the official journal of the Southeastern Surgical Congress (SESC) and the Southern California Chapter of the American College of Surgeons. The SESC is the largest regional organization for general surgeons.